Mia Hollenback is an illustrator, embroiderer, and a zine maker. Her main interests include DIY and craft culture, color theory, self-publishing, and printed media in general. Taking the initiative to do-it-yourself as opposed to waiting on a publisher or gallery to show her work is her modus operandi. She creates in order to foster a sense of connection with others, which often occurs as a result of the vulnerability she showcases in her work.

Screen printing has been one of the most influential mediums that Mia practiced during her undergraduate career. The bold, in-your-face nature that is inherent to the screen printing process captivated her as she continued to learn more about how screen printing plays a key role in DIY and underground culture. Hand printed music posters, event fliers, and shirts that are graphically interesting inspire her to create illustrations that lend themselves to the process.

The knowledge that Mia has obtained over the past few years has driven her to host workshops at several local venues in the Tampa Bay Area to create a relationship with the community through hand-making. These workshops are often centered around embroidery, bookbinding, and banner-making, and are funded by optional sliding-scale donations. Through these workshops, she has found a passion for teaching people of all skill levels how to make something new by hand.

Additionally, Mia enjoys creating zines (self-published books) for zine festivals and art fairs around Florida. Her zines are featured in several record stores and pop up book shops across the state. Zine-making is an important way for her and many other people in the DIY community to get their messages out to the public for a low cost. Her illustrations have also been featured on the covers of several publications, including iö literary journal volume 2 this past year.

Overall, Mia uses these methods and experiences to develop her own safe space within the art community. A space that isn’t propelled by money or renown. On the contrary, she aspires to forge a space that is inclusive and economically accessible by creating conversations about these topics with hands-on learning.

contact: hollenbackmaria@gmail.com